The Macross Series

At the moment, there are 4 different Macross series. All these series are based in the Macross Universe, but they all feature at different points in time. Each series progressively gets further and further into the future, but the time skips between each Macross series gets shorter with each one. Due to the time skips, not only do the cities and ships change, the characters do as well. However, even with the time skips, some Macross characters from older series do make appearances in newer ones. The Macross series are;

  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross (SDF Macross), the first in the series, created in 1982.
  • Macross 7 – The second Macross series, taking place many years after the Super Dimension Force series, better known for the music that it had featured.
  • Macross Frontier – The third Macross series, taken 11 years after Macross 7
  • Macross Delta – The fourth and most recent Macross series, set 8 years after the events that occurred in Macross Frontier.

If we exclude the Macross films, OVA’s, books and short flash animations, this is the order that you should watch Macross to understand the plot of the entire series.